Flood Barrier in Singapore

As a natural disaster, floods are hard to stop completely. However, with the help of some flood prevention strategies, you can control and manage these floods.

The flood barrier is a specific type of floodgate that is designed to prevent a storm or spring tide from flooding the protected area behind the barrier. Traditional flood mitigation methods have not been able to withstand the pressure that comes with some floods thereby failing to secure the area. They had to be activated by a power system or by human intervention that could both fail in times of a flood.

Parafoil delivers a more permanent flood protection. The flood barrier sits beneath the ground at vulnerable entrances at all times, without the need for any power or human intervention. You no longer have to worry about the unexpected flash floods. Your premises will be protected against at all times.
We conduct regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that the equipment is kept in proper working order and is ready to perform when required. Tailored to the specific needs of our clients, we design barriers that fit the premises they are required for.

Floodgate Supplier in Singapore

If you are looking for a water barrier supplier to protect your premises against unpredictable and catastrophic floods and need a flood barrier that can be relied on at any time of the day, then we are the place to look. Promising to keep your premises dry and flood-free, we are your trusted floodgate suppliers in Singapore.