Parafoil’s Flood Barrier Systems

Parafoil’s inoculation into the specialist area of floodgate systems was prompted by the floods at Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping belt, on 16 Jun & 17 Jul 2010.

Liat Towers Singapore, was our first project that is continuously 50 metre long and 0.9 metre high. The floodgate system installed at Liat Towers Building was tested with positive results during an actual flood on 23 Dec 2011.

Subsequently, Parafoil installed a 150 metre long semi-automatic pop-up floodgate system that is 1.25 metre high with Emergency Access features to facilitate the egress of evacuees during an outbreak of fire in the building after the floodgates are activated. The features are incorporated to comply with the requirements specified in the Singapore Fire Code 2013 for unobstructed Means of Escape.

Notably, Parafoil’s pop-up flood barrier system hinges on the ability to lift heavy loads whilst maintaining an embedded shallow depth into the ground or structure. It may also be conjoined to form a continuous watertight wall against intruding flood waters.

Our systems have, since Year-2010 been undergoing the international patent process (PCT).

Since Year-2010, Parafoil had designed floodgate solutions to more than 150 building projects in Singapore.

In line with our expansion into the region, a new manufacturing facility is being established in the Iskandar Development Region, Johor, Malaysia.

We are also poised to tie-up with regional partners and establishing regional subsidiaries to export our expertise to South East Asia, Asia and beyond.